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A publication with conversational scripts, parascripts and questions by Teresa Cisneros.

"Furthermore, how do I begin to address the pressures of being a person of colour; the pressures of taking on The Creative Case by staff that refuse to see or reflect on their own positions of power and privilege in case this should somehow threaten their jobs? I wanted to create something that was not focused on ‘calling people out’ or ‘assembling a teaching tool’ for people to ‘get their answers right.’ I wanted to produce something that highlighted the complicities faced by many of us in our roles as cultural workers (...) A crisis is emerging in arts institutions. I am witnessing an increasing number of mental health issues in cultural workers that in some cases are leading to breakdowns. Those that work within the arts seem to be expected to ‘appreciate’ or be grateful for having careers that they cannot afford to have, that merely the fact of having a job in the arts should be payment enough. Grievances raised against institutionally racist behaviours are not being taken seriously. The quantity and rate of production are being valued more than the care of others. The arts are led by a monoculture of liberal, white, well-meaning people, but the public and the workers will begin to make more significant demands of their public art institutions."
From the introduction

A Personal Introduction
The Scripts (5 real, work situations and conversations)
A Para Script (talking to myself to explain things to myself)
A Response and Reflection from Karen Salt
A Series of Questions for You
Para Glossary (Defining Terms)
List of Places or People I have known

60pages, A4, full colour
Designed by Rose Nordin, published with ANDpublic
You can buy a PDF version of the publication here